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Dear Friends,

A large part of the American Dream is knowing that your kids will have it better than you have had it. However, that has now changed.

  • Currently, 62% of Americans feel that the future of their children looks bleak at best.
  • 49% of Americans believe that in 5 years the economy will not be in any better shape than it is currently.

It takes a long time to restore confidence. Can the American Dream be restored?

These are the questions we are all asking ourselves. Where do we go from here? As we began asking ourselves these questions, we had to take a look at the political landscape to examine what had been done and what had to be done to change the future. In this examination we have found an absence of the presence of women in the political arena.

  • Women represent over 50% of the voting electorate
  • Fewer than 16% of public offices are held by women
  • Women today own nearly 25% of all businesses in the state of Missouri
  • Women will account for nearly half of the increase in total labor force growth between now and 2016

Women, as mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends know our greatest concern is for our children and their future.

Out of this concern we have formed the Show Me State Excellence in Public Service Series, an expansion of the Lugar Series out of Indiana. A political Education/Leadership program whose objectives are:

  • To encourage, inspire and prepare selected women leaders to seek new levels of involvement in government and politics
  • To provide these women access to political and governmental leaders
  • To establish an executive bank of highly qualified women for key roles in public service
  • To form an effective statewide political network for conservative women

The Show Me State series is focused on educating women around the process and the issues that ultimately affect their families, homes and businesses. The series can provide leadership around issues and a process to enable and facilitate women to be willing and visible partners. The graduate of the Show Me State Series will be a highly directed and a highly efficient public servant.

As statistics show we have a very large untapped resource in the state of Missouri and in the country. To tap this resource takes a financial commitment. To make the series the best it can be for the state of Missouri, would you consider supporting the Show Me State Series with a financial contribution?

You may also want to consider yourself a candidate for the series. In becoming a candidate you join a broad group of conservative women dedicated to changing the representation and status of women in the state of Missouri such as Jeanne Lillig-Patterson, founder , Catherine Hanaway first female speaker of the House of Representatives in Missouri, Carrie Almond, President, Missouri Federation of Republican women, Mary Beth Luna-Wolf, Melissa Roe, Mary Steelman and many more. Together we can make the changes needed for our future generations to achieve the American Dream.

The Show Me State Series can help us achieve these goals by giving us a systematic process for recruitment and training of future Republican leaders. However, we can only achieve this through your financial commitment.

We have many donor opportunities.

Series Sponsorships
$2500 - $10,000

  • Recognition on all published materials, including brochures, web-site and on-line media
  • Recognition on summit luncheon invitations and other literature
  • Acknowledgement at all public events
  • Opportunities will be made available to Corporate associates to participate at no charge in the candidate program

Summit Sponsor
$1000 - $5000

  • Table sponsorships
  • Recognition at summit event through all published materials including web related media

Session Sponsor

  • Individual session sponsorships available for specific topics throughout the Summit session

Washington D.C. Trip Sponsor

  • Class trip and other sponsorship opportunities for our members and candidates for annual trip to Washington D.C.n

With your financial contribution we can help change the political landscape and the future.

Please send all contributions to:

The Show Me State Series
PMB #216
233 SW Greenwich Dr.
Lee’s Summit, Mo. 64082

“Give and gifts will be given to you; for the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you.” Luke 36:38